Sarah Lemanski

Sarah Lemanski

'When @_sarahlemanski_ asks if she can test some food thoughts out loud on you, it's not an offer you turn down.

We all know the girl can whip up a decent brownie, but did you know she also has some ridiculous, savoury magic up her sleeve? Beyond that, there's an incredible amount of thought, preparation and love in every single bite, and total belief that bringing people together around nourishing, delicious food is one of the coolest things you can do.

I'm so appreciating getting to know @noisettebakehouse a little better. They're SO much more than good cake.' - Instagram Post, June '17

Ridiculous flavour combinations, crazy textures and feeling like I was royalty for being able to enjoy such incredibly constructed treats: Like most people, I met her incredible cakes before I knew Sarah Lemanski. 

Sarah is the founder of Noisette Bakehouse; an independent bakery business, focused on making 'small batch bakes in a big batch world.' The legend of her salted caramel brownie her travelled far and wide and her signature Morning Cake is known for it's magical ability to turn even the worst day around. In 2014, her mad skills were acknowledged by a well-respected panel who awarded her the title of Young Baker 2014. She has since been working as a professional baker which is why, despite being asked by friends every year, she has never applied for Great British Bake Off!

Between the unmistakable tastes she conjures up and her beautiful, thick-framed specs, Sarah has built up a recognisable brand that's attracted attention from the likes of Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Olive Magazine. But her motivations run much deeper. 

Studying nutrition gave Sarah a thorough understanding of the relationship between our bodies and our diet, but she quickly found it lacking the heart she instinctively felt it has.

When Sarah's brain is pairing flavours and formulating future treats, she is also imagining who will eat it, how they will eat it, who they might be with and how it'll make them feel. Because isn't real nourishment more than the provision of protein or carbohydrate molecules? Isn't enjoying incredible food with people you love true nourishment?

I've had the total pleasure of getting to know Sarah during the development of her biggest collaboration to date: The Northstar Coffeeshop and General Store. Alongside stellar coffee roasters, North Star, Noisette Bakehouse has cultivated a beautiful space in central Leeds that provides jobs and training to a brand new team of passionate bakers and baristas. It's in Sarah's make up to share and provide a leg up, if she possibly can.

Over floral tea and delicious salads, our conversations have meandered through mental health, business, happiness and balance: Art, travel, seed banks and succulents. Sarah is fascinating, endlessly kind and unfathomably talented. She reimagines food, and our relationship to it, on a daily basis; always with heart at the forefront.

Image provided by Sarah's lovely (and very talented) husband, Mike Lemanski.


Roel Schoenmakers

Roel Schoenmakers