Work with Lydia

I get it.


You're an independent creative looking to move things forward by imagining your work in new contexts and connecting to different people.

You need someone to reflect with: Someone who'll ask those questions that help you ask questions of yourself.

You're an organisation after some extra (wo)man power for that creative project and need someone who will slot in and work effectively.

Lydia is always open to coffee and chats, exploring collaborations and forming partnerships. 

Drop me a line!


Kind words from lovely people who have worked with Lydia...

I see you as an artist and curator. I think you explore the issues that matter to the world through a creative practice that convenes artists, communities and members of the public, holding space for debate and the creation of ideas.

The really great thing that you do is to use art to help people understand themselves as opposed to using art so that you can understand them: That distinction is really important!

You’re the person to approach for arts-led conversations and consultations, project management and research.

You bring a clear head and plenty of patience! You have an ability to hold back, think clearly and leave space for others to take you on a journey. When you add this to the creative and non-lateral thought process of an artist, the solutions you create are innovative and engaging. Always socially engaged, I think you also bring a bravery and fearlessness to follow the right track, regardless of how difficult it is, which is a rare quality. You don’t give up or hold back when the going gets tough.
— Leanne Buchan, Leeds City Council
You’re the person to talk through ideas and think out loud with. You listen and give me thoughtful, non-judgemental advice! You’re a good person to help iron out the messiness during difficult parts of a project. You bring a calmness and depth of thinking: Expanding ideas, questioning, bringing thoughtful discussion and varied views to the table. You advocate for smaller voices and ensure fairness to all participants.
— Lorna Johnson, Artist based in Leeds, UK
You connect people together, bridge disciplinary gaps and start important conversations. I know to come to you for critique, for care, for support, for advice and for connections.
— Julia Heslop, Artist based in Newcastle, UK.
You bring ideas, ability, contacts, context and enthusiasm. You’re just ace and a great project manager!
— Courtney Spencer, Director of Left Bank Leeds
You’re a socially engaged artist.
You facilitate other artists in making work.
You’re a fountain of knowledge and full of energy!
You’re connected to lots of artists and projects nationally (and internationally).
You’re great to talk to and get inspired.
Self care is a big priority for you. You’re empathetic and compassionate, but can offer practical advice and firm words too! It’s a great combination.
You bring the golden mix of great organisation and calmness to a project: You get it done, stress-free.
— Christie Hill, Producer based in London, UK
We would like to thank you for all your hard work in developing a fantastic show for the ROTOR programme. The exhibition fitted the ROTOR aims perfectly - the artists selected fitted into the gallery setting brilliantly, producing thought-provoking and engaging work. The exhibition was extremely well received by visitors, particularly by families and those participating with the engagement activities. Thank you and best wishes for your future work.
— School of Art, Design and Architecture at University Huddersfield